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Practice Name

iMatrix Dental Division

Primary Location
10179 Huennekens St.
San Diego, CA 92121
Phone: 800.462.8749

Office Hours

Monday7:30 am4:00 pm
Tuesday7:30 am4:00 pm
Wednesday7:30 am4:00 pm
Thursday7:30 am4:00 pm
Friday7:30 am4:00 pm
Main Content

Educate Patients with 3D Dental Videos

Put current and prospective patients at ease with 3D Dental Videos about procedures provided in your office. A range of professional, educational videos that explain various dental procedures and diseases are accessible on your website.

The videos keep visitors engaged and entice visitors to schedule an appointment. Build a website that is a valuable dental resource for your patients with interactive and multimedia learning tools. These 3D videos were professionally produced and showcase common procedures and services performed by your practice.

Utilize the 3D Dental Videos to educate clients and prepare them for necessary procedures. Ease a patient’s mind with videos that explain the entire procedure they will be undergoing. Explaining a procedure with the use of 3D dental videos enables your patient to make an educated decision and to understand why the procedure is necessary.


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