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iMatrix Dental Division

Primary Location
10179 Huennekens St.
San Diego, CA 92121
Phone: 800.462.8749

Office Hours

Monday7:30 am4:00 pm
Tuesday7:30 am4:00 pm
Wednesday7:30 am4:00 pm
Thursday7:30 am4:00 pm
Friday7:30 am4:00 pm
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Dental Marketing Services

Dental Marketing

At iMatrix, we provide affordable dental marketing services designed to meet the changing needs of your practice. Our services include search engine optimized websites, social media management, custom video and video advertising, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and an all-encompassing online marketing solution. As you grow your practice, our web marketing solutions empower you to succeed. To learn more about what solution best suites your practice, call 1-800-IMATRIX today.

Dental Marketing Solutions for Your Practice


Starter Service


Lay the Groundwork for Your Online Presence with Starter

The iMatrix Starter service enables you to reach out to patients in your local market. Attract prospective patients with a professionally designed, search engine optimized website that can be modified to reflect your practice’s brand. Starter includes pages of dental content, as well as our 3D educational dental videos and newsletters. Unlimited editing access and support are also part of Starter. Lay the foundation for your search engine optimized web presence!

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Chiropractic Social Media Service


Social Media for Dental Practices

Expand your reach into social media with Social by iMatrix. Continually connect with patients on professionally branded Facebook, Google+, and Twitter business pages. Weekly posts to your social media pages improve the visibility of your practice to fans and their friends and builds credibility with search engines. Keep your patients engaged while reaching new prospective patients with Social. Engage your local community through social media and an optimized web presence!

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Chiropractic Video Marketing


Media Includes Custom Video for Dentists

Reach thousands of people in your local community with search engine optimized video. Build on your SEO website and social media marketing with a professional, custom video of your dental practice. In addition to a search engine optimized website and management of social media pages, the iMatrix Media Service includes production and editing of a HD video of your practice. Get thousands of views with a pre-roll 15-second video ad targeted to your local region, as well as publication of your video on social media networks. Infuse video and video advertising into your marketing to take your dental practice to the next level

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Velocity PPC Service


Dental PPC Campaigns in Velocity

Turbo charge your online presence by adding pay-per-click (PPC) ads to your marketing plan. PPC ads in Velocity build on your social media and video marketing to spotlight your dental practice and entice prospective patients to visit your website. Each PPC ad is optimized to maximize click-throughs and custom landing pages are designed to improve conversions. Velocity includes retargeting that allows us to continue to advertise to website visitors as they surf around the internet. Shift your marketing efforts into high-gear with Velocity.

Learn more about Velocity

Chiropractic Search Engine Optimization


Dominator Provides Search Engine Optimization for Dental Practices

Become a dominating force in your local market with Dominator from iMatrix. Maximize the powerful benefits of Velocity, Media, Social, and Starter and become a major presence in your market with customized Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Custom written web pages, blogs posted monthly, premium directory submissions, and press releases are included in Dominator. Custom written page are optimized for search engines and conversions, monthly blogs keep your website content fresh and current, and press releases spread the word about your business and get you noticed in your market. Improve your search engine placement, attract new patients and dominate your market.

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To get the best dental marketing solution for your practice, call 1-800-IMATRIX today.

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