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Dental Social Media – Social Marketing Case Study

Chiropractic Social Media Service

Client: Coastal Pediatric Dentistry


In early 2013, Dr. James Forester and Dr. Kristin Newsom partnered to launch Coastal Pediatric Dentistry in San Luis Obispo, CA. The doctors decided that a website and an active social media presence would be instrumental to the success of the newly formed pediatric dentistry practice. The appeal of the iMatrix Social Service was that it also included a professionally designed website and provided seamless integration of social media. In April of 2013, Coastal Pediatric Dentistry enrolled in the Social Service and began working with an Onboarding Consultant to get their website: http://coastalpediatricdentistry.net/ and new Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ Business Pages for the practice up and running.

Consultation and Training

To kick off the service, Dr. Forester and Dr. Newsome had a phone consultation with their Onboarding Consultant to go over what was included in the Service and discuss website details required to launch the website and social media pages. Dr. Newsom and Dr. Forester worked closely with the Onboarding Consultant over the following month to customize the website with photos and biographies that matched the brand of the dental practice. In addition to the phone consultation, the Consultant provided resources for training on how to further customize the website and get the most out of the website’s features.

Along with a brand new website, the practice also launched new social media pages for the practice as part of the Social Service. While the website was undergoing customization and fine tuning, the Social Specialist at iMatrix created a Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ Business Page for Coastal Pediatric Dentistry. The dentists were provided with instructions on how to become Admins of the pages, so they could moderate and post to the social media pages if they desired to do so. Once the pages were created, iMatrix began posting engaging content to pages several times a week.

Professional Branding

Dr. Kristin Newsom and Dr. James Forester took an active interest in customizing their online presence and ensuring that their branding had a personal feel to it. The dentists provided a custom logo as well as professional photos to use on the website and the social media pages. The branding for the website reflects the colors of their practice logo and the images they provided integrate into the overall look and feel of the website. To create consistency, the Social Specialist incorporated the practice’s logo and professional pictures into the banner images for the social media pages. This continual use of the logo and selected photos across the practice’s online presence creates a cohesive experience for patients and potential patients of the practice.

Back in Balance Chiropractic Facebook Page

Building a Following

Since launching their social media campaign and opening their office, the practice has gotten 140 likes on their new Facebook Page. Part of the Social Service from iMatrix includes tips and guidance on getting more followers and creating engaging content. The Onboarding Consultant provided several tips to Dr. Newsom on what she could do to get more likes on the Facebook page. Additionally, the iMatrix Social Specialist created clickable icons on the practice’s website that link directly to the practice’s social Pages.

Increased Following and Engagement

Since launching their new social media Pages, the practice has seen a steady rise in followers and is seeing engagement with the posts added to the page by iMatrix. The doctors take an active role in engaging with followers on Facebook and take additional efforts to connect with followers. After just two months of the social media pages, the practice’s Facebook page had a weekly average of 32 People Talking About This and a Weekly Total Reach of 547. The numbers will continue to grow as the practice continues to follow the tips provided by iMatrix.

Back in Balance Chiropractic Social Stats
“Everyone we talked to was knowledgeable and professional in handling our many questions. For a new practice being set up by people who have no idea about how to create a website this is a must. It is still a work in progress but I am very happy with how everything is working already.”
– Dr. Forester

Tracking Results

Over the first few months of the website being live, Coastal Pediatric Dentistry has seen a steady rise in daily traffic, with an average of 15-20 visits a day. At time of publication, they have also started to receive appointment requests through the website as well. Once the dental practice uploads their contact database, they will be able to fully utilize the iCard and iNewsletter features to continue to build traffic to their website. The practice’s social media presence is continuing to grow at a steady pace and continues to expand and increase in engagement as the pages receive Check-Ins, Likes, and Shares.

If you are interested in learning more about how the Social Service can benefit your practice, please call us today at 800-IMATRIX to speak with an Internet Consultant.

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